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It’s in our name. At Supporting theProduct, our team offers top notch support for your IT and Network woes.


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If your business is in the process of dramatic change, new directions, or rapid growth, you need IT support that will grow with you.


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For your business computer to be functioning at its best, you need the latest in technology that can handle whatever you throw at it.



Supporting theProduct

Your office computers are acting up, one of your employees’ work phones won’t turn on, your calendars aren’t syncing, and one of your server backup hard drives just went up in smoke. What now? You call us.

Supporting theProduct provides personal assistance in your hour of need. With on-site visits, over-the-phone help, or even remote desktop access into your office computers, Supporting theProduct can help you with all your technology problems.


How We Can Help

We know that not everyone speaks the language of computers, and that when things go wrong – as they inevitably do – it can be daunting. Knowing where to start seems impossible. That’s what Supporting theProduct specialises in. We make the confusing understandable again, and are fluent in both Tech and English, so translating your IT problems into plain English is no problem for us.

Clients of Supporting theProduct get quick responses, helpful assistance, and personalised service. We make sure that your technology problems don’t stay problems for long, because we know that you have a business to run. Focusing on all things IT, Supporting theProduct is the only help you need when it comes to your technology.


How can Supporting theProduct change the way you deal with technology?

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