How do I tell if this email is legit?

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How do I tell if this email is legit?

Firstly, unless you yourself are royalty, if the email appears to be from a long lost prince or princess, the needle sways pretty strongly towards “scam”.

Is it Legit? A Free ‘scam check’ by theProduct

Before we get into things… If you’re unsure about an email, you can forward a copy to [email protected] with the subject “Is it legit?” and we’ll check it out.

This is a free service offered by theProduct – but you MUST change the subject to “Is it legit?” so that our spam filters are less likely to squash it. If you don’t hear back from us in 48 hours, call or send a text to check if we received it – although if we didn’t… that’s probably because it was spam 😉


Big business in bad emails

It can be convincing!

It would surprise you the number of people who are still unaware of these types of scams and fall victim to them – even though its variants have been floating around since the late 18th Century (granted, the shift to email happened a little later).

Cyber criminals have gotten a lot smarter when it comes to sending malicious emails, and they’re no longer just from falsely imprisoned members of mythical royal families. Now the scams look like they’re coming from Netflix, PayPal, Westpac, Australia Post, or even your family and friends.

More often than not, government entities will contact you via ‘regular’ mail, or through the MyGov app… and when they do email you, they’re less likely to include a “Click on this link” or a “Click on this button” addition.

A “Click this link” / “Click this button” section of a suspicious email is a good sign that it’s a fake. Likewise, attachments to suspicious emails can be filled with viruses and other nasties that can infect your system.

For example, opening an attachment to a suspicious email can install a virus on your computer that can hack into your webcam and give the cyber criminals access to your webcam whenever they like. Creepy thought. These cyber criminals can get access to your bank details, personal information, files, and documents stored on your computer and more. A good rule of thumb is to delete any suspicious email, and, if it’s from a government entity, friend, or other contactable source, call them and follow up on the email before you open it, click on any links – and especially before you open any attachments.

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Frank C
Frank C
06:47 02 Aug 18
I have now been dealing with The Product-Lazy bear for approximately 9 years and the service and advice given has been... accurate and honest and applicable to my circumstances.Most issues with the running of my PCs have been dealt with in an hour or less (when Adam has been away, i have used a long-time friend in the same field - out of state, to assist me and have never had my issues resolved in less than 2.5hrs).My PC - Built by Adam is approaching 8.5yrs in age. I will be approaching his company when it breathes its last breath for a new updated laptop.read more
Tanya Mason
Tanya Mason
02:21 26 Jun 18
Thanks so much for your super quick response time and your seemingly endless amount of knowledge! If Adam doesn't... know the answer he will find out for you! No question seems to be too big or too small. Love your work! Debbie and the team at Blue Sky Bookkeepingread more
Sunshine Antenna Service
Sunshine Antenna Service
01:28 26 Jun 18
We have worked in with Adam on a couple of IT and data projects this year and his help has been invaluable. When... solving tricky problems he is tenacious - which is what you want in your IT guy.read more
02:43 11 Jun 18
This is a company that knows their stuff and they're willing to go the extra mile to keep their clients up and running!
Jo Miller
Jo Miller
11:21 09 Jun 18
If you want your business to look and operate as slick as this car then engage these guys to help you in your business... ventures. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommendedread more
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